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Dan D. Wizardman looked around in Kelly's wizardhole... which is to say, her dorm room. Due to the odd number of female students and repeated threats of throatstabbing, Kelly had the room to herself. She had decorated the room quite nicely, he had to admit. Mostly green colors, some white, and browns ranging from the color of dark leather to the color of bright wood. The spare bed had been repurposed into a couch and held a strange plushy doll-thing with a creepy beak-like? Mask... Or rather, it usually did... it seemed Kelly had placed it out of sight today... strange enough, she was usually completely enamored with that thing.
Dan felt at peace in this room... a completely new feeling to him... one of many new feelings his girlfriend... girlfriend.. it was still weird for him to think of her as that... one of many new feelings his girlfriend made him feel. Until he met Kelly, Dan had only known disdain, annoyance and hatred, and in very rare cases, indifference. … And of course the feeling of relief he had about the existence of booze... a notion he shared with Kelly...
He pressed his upped body against his girlfriend's back a bit tighter and kissed her neck. She responded in kind, pushing her back against him and tilting her head, sighing contently. Dan rested his chin on her shoulder and just held her for a while.
“So erm...” Dan broke the silence after what felt like hours, “do you wanna....?”. His voice trailed off.  The white-haired girl turned around in his lap and looked him in the eyes, determining what he meant... Between the two of them, they didn't need many words and both were quite fine with that. “Yeah” she finally whispered, turning around fully and kissing him on the lips.
Dan leaned back and closed his eyes when Kelly shoved his vest down his arms. He opened them again to pull his arms out of the fabric. He reached for the zipper at the backside of her dress and carefully worked it down while she unbuttoned his Hawaiian shirt. Dan smiled apologetically as his scarred body came into view.
Thrilling Intent in the Wizardhole WIP
A Thrilling Intent - Wizard Highschool Fanfiction featuring Kelly x Dan, with appearances by Horatio Protagonist, Gregor Zeeviltwin and mentioning Kier

It's not I think it's gonna be about twice as long when it's finished, so pretty short.

PS.: Markus Velafi, if you read this, have Inien cast a glue spell on 2 chairs (DO NOT USE KIER-GLUE!), sit Ashe and Thog in them, set up a Kier-corder and read the story out loud to them (once it's finished). Send me the tape.
We will miss you Sir Pterry
Have fun

I was very hurt by dA not having any of the tributes on the front page, nor mentioning the sad news on their Headlines
  • Mood: Tearful
  • Listening to: The Last Goodbye


Current Residence: im in your MIND mwahahahahaha
Favourite genre of music: nearly every
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We will miss you Sir Pterry
Have fun

I was very hurt by dA not having any of the tributes on the front page, nor mentioning the sad news on their Headlines
  • Mood: Tearful
  • Listening to: The Last Goodbye

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